We supply primarily in Hackney.

Where to Enjoy:

Cafe AND                             London, Shoreditch
Compass Cafe
                      London, Dalston Kingsland
Creperie du Monde            London, Chatsworth Rd
The 3 Crowns                     London, Old Street
Betty’s Coffee                     London, Dalston
Black Cat Cafe                    London, Upper Clapton
Bonneville                           London, Lower Clapton
Dalston Eastern Curve      London, Dalston
Fingers Crossed                 London,  Stoke Newington
Haggerston Tearoom        London, Haggerston
Kin Cafe                              London, W1
L’epicerie@56                    London,  Chatsworth Rd
Le Coq                                 London, Islington
London Fields Brewery    London, Hackney
Medcalf Bar                        London, Exmouth Market
Merci Marie                        London, Dalston
Mother Earth                     London, Albion Parade
Mother Earth                     London, Newington Green
Mother Earth                     London, St Paul’s
Palm 2                                 London, Clapton
Pillbox Kitchen                  London, Bethnal Green
The Royal Oak                   London, Columbia Rd
Screenworks Kitchen        London, Highbury
Spandeli                              London, Hackney Downs
Tin Cafe                              London, Hagegerston
Tina We Salute You          London, Dalston
Toconoco Cafe                    London, Hackney
The Windsor Castle          London, Upper Clapton

The deliveries are everyday between 8AM and 11AM. We bring you the bread in sturdy flour sacks to save on the amount of cardboard packaging and we ask you to help us by recycling the bags back to us.

If you are interested in our wholesale offer, please write to us at


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